Friday, July 14, 2006

Surprise meetup

Unexpected meetup with Scoble
Yesterday evening I went to the Silicon Valley Podcasting Meetup group for the first time. Most of the meetups I have been to have been very casual events. I almost didn't go to this one. I had not been feeling well yesterday. I was still stunned and in a daze after learning of a friend's unexpected apparent suicide the night before. I went expecting the meetup to be what most of the former ones were, just a bunch of folks sitting around talking tech. I thought also it would be a way to get my mind off the terrible news of the day. I was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals, the day being a hot day.

The event was very organized. The folks from Podtech were there in force. I felt under dressed. I met uber geek Eric Rice and heard him talk about podcasting, vblogging, Second Life and more. He seemed to have several threads of conversation going in parallel. The big treat was seeing Scoble. I heard somebody say he was coming. I said wow, it will be great seeing him again. The person who told me said, "do you know him?" I said yes, "he used to work for me and Bob is a friend." Then he said, "I am his new boss." Bob and Maryam had driven down from Seattle. It was good catching up.


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