Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pizzacast 2.0: Geek Dinner Conversation on New Media Class

Planning a new media journalism class at SJSU, Pizzacast 2.0
Edupodder Podcast twentyfour, 1:00:43 duration, 55.4 MB MP3 - Posted June 04, 2006
The second of two podcasts recorded May 23, 2006:

To listen to high quality audio, click here --> MP3 File Here
At a geek dinner in San Jose, students, faculty, staff and Gabe Rivera of memeorandum fame continue a conversation about a new media class, Journalism 163, planned at SJSU. Speaking, besides Gabe, are Keith Callenberg, Evan Luine, Andrew Venegas, Joshua Marx, Cynthia McCune, Ryan Sholin, Lambert Lum, and Steve Sloan.

Links: Keith Callenberg | Evan Luine | Andrew Venegas | Joshua Marx | Cynthia McCune | Ryan Sholin | Lambert Lum | Steve Sloan | Gabe Rivera


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