Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Emerging Technology: RSS, April 19, 2005 session

Emerging Technology, Using RSS Aggregation to Enhance Productivity

What Evelyn Wood did for speed reading RSS can do for your ability to digest information on the Internet. If you are an information producer or a information consumer (or both!) you will want to attend this workshop where you will actually install and use RSS tools. This will provide you with tools you will be able to take back to your job. These tools will help you stay current in your field efficiently. Start riding the RSS wave into the future!


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  • CATS Session on RSS
    This session takes a look at what syndication is, how it works, the different standards, and how is it being used at SJSU, CSUS, and other universities. The presenters will offer potential ways to apply this technology to improve teaching and learning skills. If you're interested in learning more about this technology, this session is for you. Presented by: Harish Chakravarthy (San Jose State University), Dave Margolis (CSU Sacramento,) Steve Sloan (San Jose State University,) Facilitator: Corey Gin, SJSU.


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