Friday, December 31, 2004

Great time at Geek Dinner!

I had a great time at the Bob Scoble's Geek Dinner last night in San Francisco! I talked to a lot of very smart people who were very generous with their time. I learned that a Technorati is not an Italian sports car with a lot of gizmos and that some of the folks I had previously only read about are really nice people. Here is a posting by Thomas Hawk whom I spent a lot of time talking with. We had a great conversation! It is pretty informative and links to a great photo of Bob (and friends!)

Matthew Mullenweg was very generous in opening up his home for a party after the dinner! Too much fun. These are folks who attended:

Robert Scoble | Steve Gillmor | Steve Sloan | Dori Smith | Farida Paramita | Michael Eakes | Dan Gould | Christopher Carfi | Masha Solorzano | Scott Rafer | Dan Farber | Lisa Canter | Marc Canter | Mimi Canter | Lucy Canter | Lyndon Wong | Ron Lichty | Tom Conrad | Marc Novakowski | Pierre Wolff | Nadeem Bitar | Kaliya Hamlin | Brian Hamlin | Ian Jones | Nicole Lee | Kevin Marks | Thomas Hawk | Neal Drumm | Tony Chang | Zack Rosen | Kieran Lal | Jasmeet Singh | Jason DeFillippo | Ian Kallen | Kevin Burton | Brad Neuberg | Renee Blodgett | Jeff Minard | Om Malik | June Parina | David Sifry | Jonas M Luster | Micah Alpern | eleanor kruszewski | Jim Grisanzio | Tantek Celik | Rebecca Eisenberg | Curtis Smolar | Russell Beattie


At 10:50 PM, Doug said...

Hi, Steve. I agree that podcasting can play a major role in education. I've already had two professors ask for permission to use content from IT Conversations as course material. See for one example. Another is to teach (technical) English as a second language.


At 8:39 AM, David said...

Hi Steve! Had a great time meeting you as well, and glad we were able to share a bit of Technorati's vision on where things are going...



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