Monday, November 22, 2004

Will VodCasting replace PodCasting?

V-Tec V-MMV Player
V-Tec V-MMV Player

While I was at the Mac OS X O'Reilly Conference seminar put on by Lenn Pryor on the subject of podcasting (or is it PodCasting?) I asked the question, why not video? Another person in the audience said, "because of bandwidth."

Hmm, let's see, the whole point of podcasting is to take advantage of the growing ubiquity of always-on broadband connections to feed content to portable devices by scheduled download. Since we are not talking about streaming doesn't that mitigate the bandwidth issue? I think yes and I think that soon as new video enabled devices are released that we will see VodCasting (Video on demand-casting) as an evolutionary step beyond PodCasting.

I think the release of new devices such as the V-Tec V-MMV Player will either push the iPod platform to video or kill it. Consumers, I think, want hardware that is "better" and the ability to deliver video will be percieved to be better. For educational applications such devices will be a godsend! I think the ability to deliver instructional content to distance learners, have them be able to hear and/or view that content on small portable devices will be the driving engine behind this technology for education.


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